Kickboxing  – Kickboxing Is a non traditional art form, even though it’s often taught by instructors who are from a traditional Martial art background.  This background usually tends to be of  Kungfu or Karate.

You can also learn Kickboxing in three different ways.  Let me explain a bit about each one.

Kickboxing is quite a new form of combat in relation to Kungfu or Karate.  But its popularity as grown because of famous fighters and movie stars like  :- Bill Wallace, Van Damm, Benny Urquidez and Don Johnson who are known all over the world.  This as increased the popularity of Kickboxing in Leicester.

       Moving forward in time to the early 80’s and we find the new generation of fighters.   Alfie Lewis and Kevin Brewerton to name a few who have taken Kickboxing to a whole new level!  Martial Arts is on the rise and these two champions have been recognised as  pioneers of this trend.  

Their kickboxing accomplishments  are still spoken about and mimicked today by fighters all over the world!

The three types of Kickboxing are.

1.  Semi Contact.

2.  Continuous.

3.  Full Contact.

Each style is recognised by the level of contact used while training and competing.  All 3 art forms contain powerful techniques and each from has its strengths and weaknesses.

The aim with Semi contact and Continuous kickboxing is achieving points.     

Continuous Kickboxing is quite skillful and is based on points but again it’s not without power!  Semi Contact Kickboxing is very fast, effective in its delivery and is often regarded as stop – start or points fighting.  This type of fighting I regard as distant fighting but it as amazing speed of movement and a rapid array of punches and kicks.

In Full Contact Kickboxing an injury or a knockout decides the winner.  Full Contact fighters predominantly train like Boxers but also kick like a Martial Artsit, hence the term “kickboxer”.  Jean Claude Van Damm starred in a film of the same name, which told the story of a Martial artsist who sought revenge for his brother who was injured while fighting in a competition in Thai land.

While learning  Kickboxing in Leicester  we will work along side you teaching you the techniques we believe will make you the best you can be.  Your journey is our journey!

Kickboxing offers something unique for everyone!

Classes are available for adults and children from the age of 4 years old upwards.  Showing that no matter what your ability or age there is something for you too!  The trick is finding out what your suited too?

If you’re quick and very agile then your time would probably be best served practicing Semi contact Kickboxing.  Your speed and agility would be a great asset to you.

If you’re slower but reasonably strong then Full Contact would be great for you.  Having some speed but a lot of power would give you an amazing edge! 

You will improve your timing and fitness regardless of your choice of Kickboxing.   But this can only be achieved through hard training.

“Good techniques comes from having a good coach/Instructor”!  This is a known fact, having someone competent with good knowledge will save you a lot of time and save you from needless injuries and silly mistakes.  This will speed up the whole process of learning.

Once you have found the right school and instructor then the hard work begins!  The opportunities are endless, which form do you choose and which path do you take?  Do you purely train for fitness or do you want to compete?  If you want to compete, then at what level?  Oh the choices!
<img alt ="kickboxing-in-leicester">
2 Semi contact Kickboxing fighters

You will only achieve your goals through hard work and dedication.  It will be hard and there will be times where you will want to stop.  But if you work hard and commit, the rewards will out weigh the pain!

Train hard – Fight easy!

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