Self Defence Masters.

   Self Defence Masters in Martial Arts.

Self defence masters are a rare breed, they are elite in their field.  They are at the top of their art and over time have developed an understanding of predicting and avoiding danger!

A Self Defence Masters Insight!

Being confronted by a dangerous situation and avoiding it is an art in itself.  But that’s just the beginning.  Being able to pass on such an ability is where the true skills of the self defence masters shines through.  A true martial artist knows that every confrontation comes with two choices.  A true master would choose the first path which is prevention!

This basically means you would see trouble brewing and side step it.  No contact or any special technique is required!  The true teaching of the self defence master  is applied!  Not all students will master this important skill straight away and this will ultimately take them to the second path, known as the cure!  You will be required to pull out every survival technique you have been taught and pray something works!

 Never Use Blind Fury!

My first lessons in Martial Arts taught me to be calm.  Never lose focus and this has become a very important teaching point in all of my classes.  In all Self defence situations you will have choices and your choices will lead to various consequences!  Making the right choice at the beginning of a confrontation will save you from any serious injury and possible prosecution if your self defence techniques are above reasonable force!

The choices!

      I would position myself has one of the masters.  Gifted with the ability of self defence insight and the ability to pass on this knowledge.  I run courses dealing with self defence situations for groups and individuals.  I always believe there are choices.  Be it good or bad and they will define your character.  When it comes to self protection or protection of a loved one your choices count!

Self Preparation Invite.

This is your first step to developing the skills required by the self defence masters.  Knowing that trouble is always ahead and prevention is the key.  Take a course that requires no martial art knowledge or training but fills you with knowledge of the self defence masters!

Ghost Hands Course!

Your survival starts here.

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       Pressure Point Strike Being Applied.