Train to Survive.

Train To Survive.

The Lazy Method!

We should train to survive and we should train hard! It is a known fact that nothing of great value will come without hard work.  We train for all aspects of our lives except for survival.  When we work outside of our comfort zone we achieve miracles.  Train to deal with the stresses of life, health problems the list is endless!
At various times of our lives we are required to train for one thing or another.

By doing so we increase our abilities and our wages.  This usually comes from training our minds but it still comes back to those words, “Train to survive”. It cannot be avoided.  Healthy mind, healthy body.
The lazy guy will guard his couch with his life.  Eat and drink to his heart content.

His interpretation of training to survive is watching fitness movies while downing his favorite brew!  He might take the occasional walk on the way to the pub or local shop to stock up on his favorite tipple.

Train to survive means a little more than this and I confess it is not easy.  I have not set the route I am merely giving direction.

The program!

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Allowing martial arts into your life will give you purpose.  It will change and enhance your outlook on life.  Try a class or two with a professional and keep the words train to survive in every session you do.  Make your regime change about you and your need for a better way of life!  If your over weight then start with swimming!
Train to enjoy life and train hard.  Take those super long walks but finish with a little stretching routine.  If you’re new to exercise take it slow, re-train how you think.  Train to survive with a positive attitude.  Speak with friends and gain support from family.

Reap the benefits of life by learning what it means to train to survive!