Student Photo Gallery

Student Photo Gallery.

Please browse through our student photo gallery.  You will find pictures of our students.  From the past and some from the present.  The School Of Hope and Glory was opened in 1991.  By Its founder and chief instructor Sifu Derek.

Our photo gallery ranges from 1991 to the present time.  Unfortunately some images were lost.  But I have done my best to preserve what was found.

Our student photo gallery helps us to show you what we’re about.  I personally treasure every picture.  And every student digitally captured.

You’ll find pictures of students who have achieved trophies in various competitions. Christmas celebrations and awards.  Pictures include myself.  And some images of students who just wanted to mark a special occasion.

We hope you’ll find something of interest in our student photo gallery.  We have pictures of training, fighting and awards.  Or just simply just fooling around!  We intend to add more images to our student photo gallery from time to time.  Our pictures will be mainly of special occasions.  This will help to keep the quality of our student photo gallery high.  And by doing so enhance the prestige.

So please keep coming back to look.  Some might even contain someone you know?  You even could be next!  But every captured picture is a winner.  And marks our journey in the Martial Arts.


I would also like to stress all images remain the property of School Of Hope and Glory.  No images should be duplicated without our permission.  Students who require any copies of images must seek permission before any duplication.

You might also be interested in our video collection.  These can be found on our home page.  We have specifically reserved our student photo gallery for pictures only.