Martial Art Disciplines

Martial Art Disciplines.

Martial Art Disciplines.

Semi-Contact Kick-boxing.

Freestyle Karate and Semi-Contact Kickboxing are one of the same.  This Martial art discipline keeps the true value of Martial Arts.  While promoting self defence and healthy competition.

   We offer various Martial Art disciplines.  This type is non traditional and of a semi-contact nature.  Which means control during training and competition is closely monitored.

    This does not mean that the student will lack power in their techniques.  Or training but means there will be a greater focus on speed!  It can sometimes be used as a stepping stone.  To bigger and better things!

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2 Men fighting.

Light Continuous Kick-boxing.

This form of Martial Art discipline is also non traditional.  And adapts the punching techniques of a Boxer.  With the kicking ability of a Martial Artist. 

    Control is still a priority in competition but not always in training.  The term continuous means exactly that.  The winning fighter is the fighter with the most points at the end of the bout. This is calculated by counting the attacking blows that hit their target.  There is no stopping as in the semi contact version but control is still a major factor!

Please note that winning cannot be achieved by a knock out!


Kung Fu.

Lau Gar Kuen.

Lau Gar is one of the Southern style Martial Art disciplines.  Which are based on the five animals of Shaolin. 

   We practice Lau Gar internally and externally.  This  means that we condition our bodies and our internal organs by way of traditional training methods.

“Kung Fu – Martial Arts weapon discipline”.


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Sifu Derek holding Chinese Broad sword.

Authentic Dimmak.

This traditional Martial Art discipline dates back to the 1800’s.  It involves attacking parts of the body where energy is stored and flows. 

    These points are often close to the surface of the body.  Attacks may involve striking, dislocating, breaking or rupturing parts of the body.

This style of Kung Fu is taught has a self defence module.  We run 2 courses each year to compliment and reinforce the teachings of Dimmak Kung Fu.


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Dimmak award from Dai Sifu Pier Tsui-Po.

Submission Wrestling/Grappling.

This form of fighting has been around for a long time.   But has now gained popularity due to programs such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships (U.F.C) and K1. 

    The School of Hope and Glory offers a mixture of ground disciplines.  Which have derived from Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu and Grekko Wrestling.  Everyone has a preference.  Maybe this is for you?


Aero Box.

This is an exercise module totally designed for fitness.  Here we combine our knowledge of the Martial arts with Boxing drills.  

   My aim is to give you a workout that ticks all the boxes.  And gives you the results you’re looking for.

   This module will improve your cardiovascular.  Improve body tone, aid weight loss, balance and improve your general health.

Capoeira.  (Taught by Sensei and Formado Pequano)

Capoeira (Portuguese pronunciation: kapuˈejɾɐ) is a Brazilian art form.  That combines elements of various martial arts.    Sports agility and music.  It was created in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves.  This form has Brazilian native influences.  And is believed to have origins dating back to the beginning of the 16th century.

It is known for its quick and complex moves.  Making use of  powerful kicks, leg sweeps, ground and aerial acrobatics.  Capoeira also makes full use of the whole body.  Making knee strikes.  Take downs, elbow strikes, punches and head butts are major part of this discipline.

The word Capoeira comes from Tupi.  Referring to the areas of low vegetation in Brazil.

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Mestres at play.

 As mentioned earlier we offer a variety of Martial Art Disciplines.  Taught by Instructors with tried and tested knowledge and methods.

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