Top 10 Martial Arts Training Tips.


Change The Way You Train.

Top 10 Martial Arts Training Tips.

Here are my top 10 Martial Arts training tips that will improve any fighter regardless of their discipline or style!

1. Constantly update yourself.  Always try and improve the way you fight! (Fitness, techniques and overall ability)

2. Be versatile.  The more things you can do.  This will improve your chances! (Think outside the box.  Be different from the rest!  You can follow success but never achieve it!)

3. Train hard – Fight easy! (Train how you intend to fight.  Work at a poor level and expect to perform the same)

The way to success.

4. Know why you train or fight!  This gives you direction and spirit!  Is this a hobby?  You can only get out what you put in.

5. Engage with people better than yourself.  Doing this raises your game! (Choose wisely!  How are they better?  Do you want fitness, technique, memory or just purely better focus?)

6. Develop the ability to learn from anyone.  See a technique and be able to use it! (Gain a photographic memory.  See a technique or training method and be able to use it better or correctly!)

7. Be humble and respectful.  A tuned fighter is balanced! (Compete or train with respect for others and yourself.  Keep your mind on your goals.)

Take a positive atitude.

8. Listen to your body.  Know when it’s time to rest an injury! (When you train, push and push hard, but know that recovery time must be given if you want to achieve results.)

9. Become a leader.  This keeps you in front of the game! (Master yourself internally and externally to achieve techniques of perfection.)

10. Never become complacent.  Seek perfection! (Don’t allow yourself to become stale.  Keep pushing and train to be above perfection.)

My training tips should help you to shape your attitude and by doing so your game!  Train hard to become a well-oiled machine. 

The Conclusion.

Develop your skills through years and years of training correctly.  Push the boundaries between the mental and the physical, to reap the benefits of success!
Give yourself a chance to be all you can be.  Please pass on my top 10 training tips with anyone who you feel needs direction and guidance in their training.


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Dimmak award from Dai Sifu Pier Tsui-Po.