Joint Pain.


Joint Pain and Remedies.

Joint pain can be the result of incorrect training.  The price of fitness or training in any of the Martial Arts can come at a cost.  Your body requires self defence from you!

   How ironic is that?  Through excessive training or poor training advice and techniques, we can damage the vessel we are trying to improve.  Causing joint pain to our bodies!

   Training or general exercise, if carried out incorrectly can have severe consequences.

The joints of your body at risk are:
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Skeleton Showing Painful Joints.
Each part of our body will send us a different message.  Or should I say deliver different levels of pain.  Which is how our bodies tells us something is wrong!

Your choice of sport or martial art will more than likely demand you have a strong core.  And if it doesn’t, then your need for that six pack and super tight oblique’s will.  At this point your first injuries could be joint pain to your back and neck.

Incorrect abdominal workouts, sit ups, crunches and leg raises could be the culprits.  This is from a training point of view.  But Martial arts can take its toll too. Consistant joint pain can come from incorrect twisting or kicking which could cause the very same injury!

Throwing a mistimed punch could and will cause joint pain to your shoulders, wrists,elbows and fist.  Now this scenario could go both ways.  A punch thrown with a 100% commitment, hits its target but this time your distance as been misjudged!  That results in joint pain and a long list of other problems!

Deliver your punch with the same level of commitment and missing the target again cause problems.  But this would be caused from over reaching also called hyper-extension!

Take Aim!

The injuries would affect muscles, tendons and possibly bones.
Most sports, Martial Arts, Kickboxing or Kung Fu disciplines requires our bodies to be fit for purpose.  So we train and we train, harder and harder!  We run, lunge, we squat and we lift, repeatedly! All of which increases the risk of joint pain, now or later in life!

Our legs can handle a lot of punishment.  But there can be consequences if we abuse these powerful tools.
If we’re not careful Joint pain can strike causing stiffness and severe pain to the hip.  Fluid could gather around the knees making the movement of bending, kicking or just stretching quite painful.  In most cases flexibility is essential so we stretch.

Targeting the hamstrings with exercises that will strengthen and increase flexibility.  If done incorrectly our tendons and ligaments are at risk and in some cases that’s a one way trip!

Joint Pain Prevention.

The easiest way to avoid making any of the mistakes above is to make sure your instructor or coach knows what they doing!

Make this your basic guide to safe guard your joints.
Get this first rule right and you’re in a good place!  Failing that, then listen to your body!  Training hard will cause some discomfort but should not be painful!  Train smart and remember flexibility will not come over night.  It requires work and time.  But if you are experiencing any joint pain consult a doctor and don’t leave your physical health to chance!


I would like to state that I am not a Doctor!  This article is based upon my 35 years as a Martial Arts coach and competitor!
If you are unfortunate to be feeling symptoms of pain while participating in your chosen sport or activity.  Treat this with caution and seek medical advice as soon as possible.