Grappling Leicester.

Wrestling or Grappling Leicester.

Grappling Leicester.

      Grappling, submission wrestling or ground fighting is another word for this discipline.  Having the ability to fight on the ground.   Most people believe that every fight will end up on the ground.  And if this was to happen, you would yourself in the world of the Wrestler.

        Grappling is taken from the ancient art of Jujitsu.  This type of fighting has taken its place amongst the biggest and the best Martial Art disciplines  of today. 

It was pointed out to me that the U.K trailed behind the United States of America in this art.  For the simple fact that all wrestlers and grapplers from the U.K, were lured to the United States by the offer of better pay and better facilities.  Wrestling in time became a part of the school curriculum.

        Grappling boasts the ability to choke out an opponent.  Break limbs or cause excruciating pain by compression or torsion techniques!  This art form is also very big in Brazil.  There the Gracie’s have lead the way in bringing ground fighting to the forefront. 

Even though they are practitioners of the GI.  The mixed Martial Arts world as taken the concept and removed the GI  but kept all the locks and chokes.  This has made this discipline a very powerful art.

 For instance If a woman was being attacked and in the attack she was taken to the ground.  With the correct training she could make this place, a place of strength.

If a man was to get into a fight and if a choke was applied or a breaking technique used then he would be in very bad situation!  Not being naive to this Martial Art would have saved him from excruciating pain or even save his life!

    Grappling Leicester has a lot to offer everyone regardless of age or sex!  Everyone can benefit from this unique form of self defence.

       So to clarify what I’m trying to say.  Grappling does not have to be your main discipline.  But to not have some knowledge of escapes from a basic neck lock or arm bar.  Just to highlight a few.  It Would be very careless and dangerous to any serious Martial Artist!

Grappling Leicester.  The only 2 words you should remember!


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