Bananas and Training.

Maintaining the Machine .

Bananas and Training.

Maintaining the human machine through training.  Eating the right foods has been the priority of athletes the world over.  Lets take a look at how bananas and training are linked.

We are constantly trying to find new ways to make our bodies perform.  For harder, longer and don’t forget quicker.  Training methods are being updated and scrutinized to achieve this goal.

One of the common energy boosters of our time has found its way back under the spot light.  Lets take an in depth look at our slow release, high carbohydrate/starch friend the banana.

Bananas and training the break down begins.

Bananas are among one of the most common suppliers of carbohydrates.  Mainly used because of its ability to supply energy slowly, due to its high starch content.  As well as being very accessible.  Bananas are high in starch which makes the absorption/break down process happen deeper within the body.  Hence the slow release process!

Fusion between Bananas and training.
Here are a few facts:-

We consume over 100 billion bananas worldwide.  Over 75 percent of its weight is water.  Its name translates to “fruit of the wise men”.

Whenever this fruit is seen or mimicked in any way it is shown as yellow.  Which is a stage it goes through.  But for us to gain the full benefit of this wonderful fruit.  We should consume it when it’s green.  The greener the better!

We generally consume bananas when they are yellow or just about to become yellow.  I can confess to doing this myself.

The problem here is that their shelf life becomes even shorter.  The sugar content rises, which could contribute to other diseases such as diabetes.  The sugar becomes even higher when it starts to produce black spots on its outer skin!

So we now know that green bananas are much better for us than yellow ones.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Green bananas contain a higher starch content.  This stimulates our bodies to produce and release an hormone called Glucagon.  This hormone is responsible for the rate to which our bodies burn body fat.

This makes the consumption of bananas much more than a high carbohydrate supplier.  It has the ability to aid our fight against body fat too!

To benefit from this a guide line of between 15 – 20g should been consumed daily!

So by changing when and how many bananas you eat.  Bananas could make us leaner, faster and more efficient too.

Bon appetite!!

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Fueling the machine.

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